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Aching arches? 5 simple tips to dealing with plantar fasciitis.

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The first days of summer are fast approaching.  As you enjoy the warmer temperatures, it's important to take care of your feet. Unfortunately, many sunny days have been followed by aching arches and heels that scream for mercy in the morning.  While potentially tolerable, ignoring the condition or trying to “push through it” often escalates the severity and extends the recovery time.  So, rather than trying to tough it out, accept the reality plantar fasciitis (don't worry, it's fairly common), understand exactly what it is, and then follow a few simple steps to start the healing process. What is plantar fasciitis?...

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Ten Simple Tips for the Broad Street Run

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Without a doubt, the Blue Cross Broad Street Run has become the most in-demand of all Philadelphia races.  And while many of the 40,000 runners are seasoned veterans, a large percentage of the participants are making the ten mile venture for the first time.  Below you’ll find a few of my best tips in the order that you’ll need them.  Some may seem silly, and others downright obvious, but on race day nothing ever ends up being as simple as you’d expect.  (1) If you plan on taking the train to the start, get to the stadiums extra early. In...

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