Run With Jack Keychain
Run With Jack Keychain

Run With Jack Keychain

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Support the Run With Jack with this Limited Edition keychain.
With every purchase of this keychain, $2 is donated to the Run With Jack.

• Size: 1.25” x 3”
• Double-Sided Print
• Metal Construction
• Chrome Finish
• Clear Acrylic Insert Protector

About Jack

Jack was born on December 31st, 2013 with a rare condition called Amyoplasia, a type of arthrogryposis multiplex congenita (or AMC). This affects all four of his limbs, causing him very limited range of motion. He has had multiple surgeries over the years to give him more independence. In 2018, the Cavanaugh family traveled to West Palm Beach, FL for a life changing surgery at the Paley Institute. The goal was to give Jack a better chance at independent walking. Since surgery, Jack has surpassed his goal of independent walking and is having a wonderful year in Kindergarten.


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